Flow developer needed for a project involving racing drivers

Hello everyone!

If you like racing (Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and Karting) then this is for you!
I am a partner in a talent agency for racing drivers in France (you have probably heard of Pierre Gasly in F1 for example).
The agency develops drivers’ skills from a young age (Go Kart) to Formula 1.
This involves athletic, mental and driving training over a period of 10 to 15 years.
One of our young drivers is currently vice world champion in F3 and the youngest driver in Formula 2.
He aims to join Formula 1 in 2022.
We would like to build an NFT marketplace based on onflow to give him and others the opportunity to sell their digital moments and fund their careers, and for fans the unique chance to collect ‘autographed’ items, at an early stage (before the rider enters Formula 1).
The project is starting now, so if you are interested, please contact me no later than 27 March, as we are in the process of finalising the onboarding.

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Sounds really fun! You might want to check with the other team who has a formula 1 NFT game: https://www.f1deltatime.com/

There could be potential licensing issues.

Thanks @flowjosh . We know of DeltaTime but our concept is different as we work directly with the drivers, we have secured 4 already…

One question while I have you here @flowjosh . I read that the ability to add royalties to the FLOW version of smart contracts is on the roadmap for extensions… Is this correct and, if so, can you give us a date? Many thanks ! By the way, we are looking to become an onflow partner, I hope we can connect eventually. :wave:

A little late, but was exploring the concept of a sort of NBA Top Shots for F1 earlier today. Would love chat and see how/if I can help.

Hello! sure let’s discuss. Development has started but we have a lot to do so keen to hear about you!

Shoot me an email theo@pineappleworkshop.com I work for a dev shop and we could get this done.