Flow Crescendo launch - please update all your staking related transactions

Hello Flow Node operators,

In case you haven’t heard, Flow is set to unveil its most groundbreaking release yet - Crescendo!

We are thrilled to announce full EVM equivalency! The days of having to learn a new programming language to build on Flow are over. We’ve done the work to meet the web3 developer ecosystem where it is. This update unlocks a wide range of service providers, wallets, bridges, and other infrastructure to enable support for the Flow network just as easily as they would on any other EVM based chain! To put it simply, if it works on Eth Mainnet, it’ll work on Flow-EVM as is!

Crescendo also will launch Cadence 1.0 - a major upgrade to Cadence the smart contracts programming language on Flow. This will be a breaking change that will likely require updates to ALL contracts, transactions, and scripts.

Following are the changes that might impact you as a node operator.

  1. Changes to transactions for staking, unstaking and claiming rewards
  • In house tooling: If you are running Flow nodes and have tooling built around staking, unstaking and claiming staking and delegation rewards then please ensure that you update the transactions in your tooling to the Cadence 1.0 format before the launch of Crescendo (see: Cadence 1.0 Migration Guide | Cadence).

  • Custodian: If you use a custodian, instead who does these operations, then please ensure that your custodian makes these changes (we are working with Finoa and Anchorage).

  • Flow port: If you only use Flow port for these transactions, then no action is required as we will update Flow port.

  1. Changes to rewards tracking
  • The crescendo launch will make it easier to keep track of ALL fungible tokens, not just the FLOW token, by introducing the generic Deposited and Withdrawn events. The events that are currently emitted for FLOW token withdrawal and deposit will no longer be supported in lieu of these new events. Take a look at this forum post - Proposal for Breaking Changes to FlowToken Events. Looking for feedback. Please ensure that you update your client code as per this message before the Crescendo launch to track Flow transfers.


  1. The Crescendo Testnet launch is on 19th June, 2024.
  2. The Cresendo mainnet launch will be in July, 2024.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Flow Foundation

Hello- the update sounds great- unfortunately I’ve been trying for weeks, to get my wallet sorted out with the blocto crew with no such luck. If you can assist that would be great.

Have you tried connecting to the Blocto team on Discord?
Can you post a message on #developer-chat on Flow server discord and I will tag the folks from Blocto to the message?