FLIP-GOV-1: Maintain Staking Rewards

just revisiting this thread. Since July, has the Flow team published anything regarding tokenomics framework?

Would be really interesting for ordinary users to see how the team aims to address the topics mentioned here (mostly staking rewards/inflation, but surely others as well).

Thanks in advance!

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Flip #1 here seemed to die out without much participation from the FLOW team. Can we revive it?

Actually I see this was marked as finalized: https://github.com/onflow/flips/blob/main/governance/20220629-staking-rewards.md

I’m sorry if I’ve missed something, but if this was finalized I don’t understand the point of this thread…

“We propose to not change anything, please use our new FLIP model to discuss. Oh but we will not participate in the discussion and will mark it as finalized without comment.”

As explained by @kshitij.chaudhary in the Discord server, he is going to suggest very soon a new FLIP for Flow inflation. The 5% staking rewards are definitely too high.

Thanks. Is this the flow discord? Are we using that instead of this forum?

We use both discord, the forum, and github for discussion. I think this FLIP was created a little prematurely. y’all are right that it didn’t really propose a change, so it probably shouldn’t have been created, but like others have said, I think there is going to be a more comprehensive FLIP posted soon

any update about this FLIP ?