FLIP 64 - Identifying and Ejecting Errant Access Nodes

Identifying and Ejecting Errant Access Nodes

The launch of permissionless ANs is an important step in the continued decentralization of Flow, but also creates an opportunity for byzantine nodes to send malicious traffic to other staked nodes. The FLIP focuses on proposing a community-observed, community-driven and cost-effective plan for operators to communicate about errant behavior of Access Nodes, and lays out a plan for the service account administrators to eject such errant nodes once community consensus has been built.

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LGTM. Looking forward to seeing it implemented!

I really can’t understand this:

Individual node operators can protect network liveness through standard network monitoring and infrastructure best practices such as blocking messages, firewall rules, and rate-limiting, until the issue can be resolved.

This is great power to give to EN. We need to decide AN is inside network or not.

How could it work?