FLIP-1087: Fungible Token Metadata Views

Fungible Tokens Metadata

Status Draft
FLIP #1087 1087
Author Álvaro Lillo Igualada (alvaro.lillo@dapperlabs.com)
Sponsor Josh Hannan (joshua.hannan@dapperlabs.com)

As the Flow ecosystem continues to grow, the need of assuring contract and external apps interoperability increases. The development of the NFT Metadata standard showed how important it is for NFTs on Flow to be able to communicate their features to other dapps, and the advantages of doing so in a standardized way.
The creation of a Metadata standard for fungible tokens will bring two major user benefits: discoverability and interoperability. It will make it easier for any FT to be presented in any app that displays fungible tokens, and will also allow those FTs to communicate how they can be used programmatically.


This makes total sense to me. The Metadata standard was never intended to be only for NFTs. expanding it to also suit other resources is a no-brainer if you ask me.

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