Cost to run an NFT store

Hello everyone! I have experience developing SPAs with ReactJS, but I’m a complete noob when it comes to blockchain dapps.

I want to run a niche NFT store where users can upload their art by paying the fees and minting(not sure if I’m using the word correctly) it for them.

Would I have to be a node operator and/or buy 135k Flow Tokens to deploy an app like this? I have no idea how to calculate the cost for a project like this. Could someone point me in the right direction?

No need to be a node operator to build a dapp and deploy it. You can just use the public access nodes to access the Flow network. You’d have to pay for storage and transaction fees for your dapp, but that is a very small cost compared to operating a node

Thanks! I’m 99% sure I’ll use Flow if I do a NFT project.

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Is there a quick and dirty way to estimate both storage and transaction fees for a particular smart contract?

@scott see the storage docs for storage fee info: Storing Data on Flow - Flow Documentation

We’re still working on the transaction fee model, so we’ll have docs for that soon, but we promise it’ll be cheap!