Cannot deploy invalid contract

i try to deploy the bellow contract, but i am getting error

transaction() {
prepare(admin: AuthAccount) {
let code: [UInt8] = β€œf845b8404d171ee5ee7303d91db44363d39230cef2ed8f6f48e15a10756458ffda0b6bddb232d05eb1b6a5598be6818e53a4709daf4ca22722882bf6fb3a228a6ef49d7b030364”.decodeHex()
let signer = AuthAccount(payer: admin)
name: β€œTest”,
code: code

You get this error because the code you provide is invalid, it looks like random data and not Cadence source code.

How did you generate the hex-encoded form of the code you provide?


If I decode this, it looks like random data.