Breaking Change: Transaction Domain Tags

We want to let you know that there will be a breaking change to all SDKS that will impact all development teams. This is a critical update that requires direct action from all Flow ecosystem partners

This change impacts you if you are signing transactions produced by the go-sdk using the go-sdk. This will change how the value that needs to be signed is produced. If your version of the SDK does not take this change into consideration, signatures will not be accepted by the chain.

This update is safe to do pre-emptively, as the network already accepts domain tags.

This change will go into effect: 5-25-2021 and will be mandatory at that time.

Why This Change Happened

  • We are implementing a new feature, transaction domain tags

Action Required

  • Install the latest version of the Javascript/Go SDK by May 25
  • The recommended FCL version to update to is greater than or equal to @onflow/fcl@0.0.70

Please review the following changelogs to find all key information regarding this update
Go SDK: Introduce transaction domain tag by janezpodhostnik · Pull Request #184 · onflow/flow-go-sdk · GitHub

If you have any questions regarding this breaking change, please ask our team in the #developers Discord channel for further assistance.

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