[Action needed] Execution and Verification node operators: please upgrade to v0.33.17

Hello Execution and Verification node operators,

Please upgrade your Execiton and Verification node to v0.33.17 or alternatively, v0.33.17-without-netgo-without-adx or v0.33.17-without-adx or v0.33.17-arm as per your hardware.

Do not delete the data folder.

Please upgrade your node in the coming week.

We have observed that restarting the verification node caused the disk usage to spike by 30 to 35%. If you also experience this spike and run out of disk space while executing this upgrade, then please follow the steps here to reclaim disk space: https://developers.flow.com/networks/node-ops/node-operation/reclaim-disk

No action is required for any other node type.

Thank you,
Flow Foundation