Ledger Account Creation for Flow

Hi there Flow is the only asset that I am not able to withdraw from Huobi and Gate.io. Also, flow is the only app that does not work on my ledger nano, even after I update and download the app from the app manager. Anyone else experiences these issues?

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Same issue with ledger… I think its the flow app. I can’t create new account. I get error when I click on connect.

I similarly can’t create an account using ledger\flow port. I’ve tried on chrome on both Mac and Win10.
I followed these instructions. You may as well try!


Same issue. Anyone know of an online wallet that takes flow? And which option do we choose for transfer?

If you use a brave or chrome browser you want to ensure chrome://flags/#new-usb-backend is disabled the first option as that can cause connection issues.

The process is pretty easy but there is a little nuance, if you have ledger live open you want to make sure your NOT on the apps tab in ledger live otherwise when you open the flow app on the device it will open then close after a few seconds and if you go to ledger live you’ll notice you’re disconnected and you wont be able to connect, I find it better to be on the accounts tab in ledger live so you don’t have this issue.

Once your on the accounts tab in ledger live, and have the flow app installed on the device open the flow app and then navigate to port.onflow.org in the browser. Click Create account and choose ledger, as long as you have ledger live open in the background and on the accounts tab you should see your device pop up once you can select your account and you should get connected.

I had the same issue, but with Chrome USB disabled it worked. For the ledger live desktop application, it’s better to close it when you navigate to onflow.org. It’s working only with Chrome browser + flow app on ledger nano opened.