👋🏼 Call for community participation in upcoming working groups!

Hey Flow Fam!

We’re making some big changes to the working practices in the Flow team to push as much of our internal discussions into public forums, whether here, FLIPs/PRs, discord and/or TG. FYI: the current working group participation as established for Cadence language design, and associated breakouts, remain unchanged and will continue as before.

However, we are proposing a number of additional working groups to more holistically capture topics that deserve ongoing discussion and alignment with the community. The following groups are being proposed:

  • Linked Accounts standard
  • FT/NFT v2 standards
  • DeFi standards (DEX Swap and Oracles)
  • Flow Access node Event Streaming API
  • Wallet development working group
  • Flow community roadmap and priorities

Since participants are distributed globally, and before we formalize these groups, we’d love to hear from you in the linked survey. It’s only eight multiple-choice questions with one optional feedback text entry question. By completing this you will help us assess community interest and the gauge best fit for community member inclusion and meeting scheduling.

Survey: https://forms.gle/rjCYXy37inE8CTwh7

If you feel there is a Flow topic or working group that is missing and which we should also be considering please feel free to comment in this thread.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance in growing and scaling the Flow community!

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The form is not open to public

I would say:

  • Health, Well-Being and Social Prescribing :blush::pray:t4:

Sorry, just realized about the permissions. We’re working on that now. Doh


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Ver hard to know what timezone to pick when there is only one valid option. Would it be possible to have a timeslot for PST noon/afternoon?

Should there be a group around standardization of cadence in general? Right now it is only about FT/NFT but there are several other topic that should be covered here. Personally I am not sure if we are big enough to have so many groups. People from the community that are going to participate here have other jobs that we need to do to pay the bills and there are many initiatives I atelast would like to participate in.

For me i would consider merging all the groups that have to do with cadence into a single Cadence Working Group. This group could work on how you use cadence and have people that know cadence and not so much the underlying infrastructure behind it.

Topics that this group could handle would be:

  • ft standard
  • nft standard
  • the initiatlization problem
  • resolve contract metadata
  • standardizing views for listings
  • spreading knowledge about buildingblocks that are already there
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I think most important is having someone common in all of this working groups to share information in between them.


Happy to see things are moving toward a more transparent and inclusive direction!

I totally agree with @bjartek and share his and @bluesign concerns. Also, I think that the ones who would be able to directly contribute to those groups are party’s that have been actively building on Flow, e.g A team working on a DEX would most probably be able to contribute more to the DeFi standards (DEX Swap and Oracles) group.

My suggestions:

  • Those groups should work closely with the active party’s of the community that address group subjects.
  • There should be working groups for core tooling, such as flow cli, emulator etc. Core tooling is not only about cadence but also DevEx.

What do you think?



Good point, IncrementFi will be in related groups coworking with the community :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah, we’ll be able to talk about all those topics, but I think the first thing on the list will be the v2 token standards since those are needed for stable cadence. I’ve updated the respective PRs with my latest versions to look at if anyone is interested. I’ll make another post soon with more information

Guess that will be me for now? :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thanks for the good suggestions and feedback. Some updates here, as Josh mentioned we’re kicking off the v2 FT/NFT standards discussion next week Thurs 23rd at 8am PT. This is a priority in order to land these changes ahead of Stable Cadence release in the summer.

We’ve also scheduled the next sessions to discuss the Account Linking and DEX Swap contract standards, both on the Tuesday 4th April but at different ends of the day. Account Linking will be at 8am PT and Dex Swap will be 6:30PM PT, for EU/NA and Asia Pacific. We will of course record all the sessions and share them on the forum post.

All the above sessions are available to add to your calendar in the Flow Webinars & Events public calendar. We’ll also post reminders in Discord.

For future meetings we intend to keep the frequency relatively low and will strive to work async through the forum discussions and GitHub FLIPs, PRs etc. Hopefully that way we can strike the right balance for inclusion without overload :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!