Building my own node error and problems


when i tried to follow this page (Setting Up a Flow Node - Flow Documentation), going to build a the collection node via docker.
the below error is showed.
{"level":"fatal","error":"could not read private node info (path=/home/ubuntu/bootstrap/private-root-information/private-node-info_4e66566d5505fd95e2606606c8e4e3d0070561c13c409aeb668004e138dceabb/node-info.priv.json): could not read file: open /home/ubuntu/bootstrap/private-root-information/private-node-info_4e66566d5505fd95e2606606c8e4e3d0070561c13c409aeb668004e138dceabb/node-info.priv.json: no such file or directory","message":"failed to load private node info"}

however, i have followed Node Bootstrap - Flow Documentation to generate the key and node id. i comfirmed node-info.priv.json does exist on the directory.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-25-118:~$ tree bootstrap/
        ├── private-root-information
        │   └── private-node-info_4e66566d5505fd95e2606606c8e4e3d0070561c13c409aeb668004e138dceabb
        │       ├── node-info.priv.json
        │       ├── node-machine-account-key.priv.json
        │       └── secretsdb-key
        └── public-root-information
            ├── node-id

        3 directories, 5 files

Also, i am a bit confuse on the building my own flow and joining the flow network.

  1. can i run my own collection node without joining the network?
  2. i cannot see when reading the node instrsustion, i cannot see there is any place need to authorized by the service account.

thank you in advance

Hiya @leelee

Additional nodes are not being added to the Flow network until staking auctions are live.
At this time, the number of staking slots will remain fixed at the current count until Staking Auctions can be fully vetted and tested.

You can read more about the announcement here: Staking Auctions and Network Node Addition Status